Dear English friends,
welcome to the official website of A.D.G.P.A. (Atkins-Dadi Guitar Players Association),
the first Italian association open to guitarists of any style which,
thanks to the support of the most important italian guitar players
and "Guitar Club" the most important guitar magazine in Italy, has become
more and more important nationwide over the years.
The association is open to all guitar players and music lovers
and offers lots of benefits to members.
The main advantage for English guitar players and luthiers
is likely to be that they could take advantage
of a free section in "CHITARRISTI / LIUTAI" to promote themselves in Italy
All that needs to be done is to subscribe to the A.D.G.P.A.
by sending an IMO to the following address
(the subscription is per calendar year)
A.D.G.P.A.- Via Curiel n. 7 - 20093  COLOGNO MONZESE (MI)    ITALY
and email or post a brief profile/curriculum vitae
(that will be translated in Italian)
one picture for guitarist and one or more pictures for the luthiers
and their instruments.
Guitar players could also send some material
(either some tabs of their compositions or
some guitar lessons they use in their workshops or private lessons).
It is mandatory that all the material that is sent has a written authorisation
to be published on the internet together with contact details (name, address, etc.)


The A.D.G.P.A. website has an index page organised in 5 parts:

1)LA STORIA (the history)

2)LA CONVENTION (the convention)

3)CHITARRISTI E LIUTAI (guitarists and luthiers),


5)DIDATTICA (music lessons):
6)VARIE (various).

LA STORIA (History): Here you will find the history of the
association from its inception until now.
LA CONVENTION (the convention): Here you will find a photo gallery 
of the latest Italian Convention together with
an article that explains the behind-the-scene of how it was put together.
 Also you will find the calendar of events of the upcoming convention
CHITARRISTI E LIUTAI (Guitarists and luthiers):
 Here you will find the curriculum vitae and discography of
professional guitar players.
As for luthiers, you will find pictures of their instruments and contact info
This page is available to any guitar player or luthier.
 If you send us your resume/info + pictures we will add it to the page
and also translate the resume in Italian to make it easier to promote you in Italy.
ALTRE MANIFESTAZIONI (Other conventions/concerts): in this page
you will find the latest news about upcoming events and concerts that involve
all the friends of A.D.G.P.A..
you will also find the program of other events
DIDATTICA (music lessons): if interested, any professional guitar player
could have a dedicated page where they can publish their guitar lessons.
 This is completely free. A.D.G.P.A. will make sure to translate
the material in Italian.
Partitions, tablatures, exercises, analysis, technical discussions
The artist must own the rights of the material
he sends or it must be copyright free.
A written authorisation
will be needed to publish anything under copyright by the artist.
VARIE (various): this is the page that is more frequently updated.
 It contains lots of different things including:

COME DIVENTARE SOCI A.D.G.P.A. (How to join the A.D.G.P.A.):
This page contains all the details on how to join the A.D.G.P.A..
This info can also be found at the top of this page translated in English
IL NOSTRO ARCHIVIO (The archives): here you will find pictures from
 all A.D.G.P.A. festivals/events over the course of the years.
MARCEL DADI, "le Roi du fingerstyle" (Marcel Dadi: the king of fingerstyle):
This page contains all the articles about Marcel Dadi
that have been published on Italian guitar magazines
Guitar Club and Tuttochitarra.
I CD E LE OPERE CON IL LOGO ADGPA: (CDs and various releases
with the association logo): ever since the A.D.G.P.A. Italy was established lots
of Italian artists have chosen to have the association logo on their releases
(cd's and books) as a way to say thanks to the A.D.G.P.A..
In this page you will find a selection of the most important releases
that have our logo.
LE RECENSIONI (Reviews): a collection of reviews of cd's and books.
GUITAR CLUB: a collection of the articles the A.D.G.P.A. has published 
on Guitar Club, the most important Italian guitar magazine.
A.D.G.P.A. NEWS.  Here there is a collection of the highlights from the
 A.D.G.P.A. micronews newsletter that used to be sent
(in the pre-internet era) to all A.D.G.P.A. members.
The micronews newsletter dedicated to Marcel Dadi is fully available.
a link to the French website "La".
Issoudun guitar festival website.
LE CHITARRE DELL'A.D.G.P.A. (A.D.G.P.A. guitars): pictures and
story of the guitars that are the symbols of the Italian A.D.G.P.A..
 These guitars have been signed and played by lots of artists
(some of whom are not among us anymore unfortunately)
over the years at various A.D.G.P.A. festivals.